Japan first to see Dragonball movie

Justin Chatwin as Goku in Dragonball movie

I think this is one of the first published pictures of the new Dragonball movie that wasn’t a leaked image from a cellphone. In Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, they feature this image of Justin Chatwin as Goku. Another bit of interesting news is that Japan will be the first country to get to see the movie, not the USA. It will hit theaters there in March of 2009. Here in the states, we will see the movie on April 3rd. Via ANN


What do you think?

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  1. tô super ancioso para assistir dragonball, sei que não vai ser totalmente igual mas vale apena assistir eu como fãn declarado
    não espero muito…
    o ruim que não tem data para o laçamento aqui no brasil pena =/

    flw’s aew …desculpe mas por não deixar o post em inglês…
    By ^^

  2. this truely some awsome stuff, and im not really that easily impressed.
    i’ve got to say that when this movie is released in australia, it’ll make a fortune!!!!!!

  3. the movie will be shit you can tell, I dunno why they have to change the original models in live action movies cmon i mean picollo is albino and goku is some white guy with shitty hair…

  4. How sorry Asia is? They can’t even stand up for Asian people. There is really no cultural reciprocation here. White people will NEVER watch an Asian guy on the Big screen. Here Japan – a nation psychologically traumatize by the Nuclear bomb is watch a white guy on screen.

    Way to empower your young men.

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  6. I think this movie will be ok I just hope they follow the story line. The actors they chose look aweful, tehy could have found better actors from japan that actually would fit the part.

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