New Dragonball Z Movie Pics


Breaking News: New Dragonball Movie leaked clip for a fight between Chi Chi and Mai. Click here to watch it.

Is it me, or do all of the pictures that have surfaced for the new Dragonball Z Movie make me think they are not even following the Dragonball Z story line? These new pictures surfaced, and I cant even tie them into Dragonball Z other than Justin Chatwin’s stunt double wearing Goku’s suit. Usually sneak pictures make me excited, but this is one of the few times that I don’t like what I see. Source Infotaku via Kotaku.

FYI, I did have pictures here, but I just got a nice little letter from Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation telling me to remove them. Ah, the legal system. Guess FOX didn’t like the press they were receiving from the pictures. So here’s a random Dragonball Z picture for your amusement. Hopefully Funimation wont send me a cease and desist. (I love you Funimation)

Dragonball Z

Dragonball Z Movie, Fail or Success?

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