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Otaku USA MagazineHappy New Years everyone! While in Pensacola for the holidays, I came across a new magazine that I really enjoy. You can usually find me in Barnes and Nobles looking for new design books or magazines. While sifting through Shonen Jump and Newtype magazines, I came across one called Otaku USA that I have never heard of before. Turns out that was their 4th issue so far, so practically brand new. While I do enjoy magazines like Newtype, its main focus is anime, and talks little about other areas like gaming and movies. Thats where Otaku USA comes in. It does equal coverage on anime, manga, gaming, j-pop, toys and cosplay. I even made a list of classic 70’s exploitation type Japanese movies that I want to watch from an article. Otaku USA even features a DVD packed with full length anime episodes and other otaku goods. Its published every 2 months for a total of 6 issues a year. It cost about $29.99 for the year. If you get a chance to head over to Barnes and Nobles, I would definitely recommend checking out Otaku USA.

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