PiQ closes QuicK


PiQ July Cover is lastIt seems like only yesterday when Newtype closed its doors forever. But then we were given a ray of hope in their new venture PiQ magazine. However, that ray of hope was indeed short lived. AnimeOnDVD caught a blog post from a freelance journalist that wrote for PiQ. The email she received went as followed,

It’s with great regret that I have to announce that PiQ magazine has closed its doors. The July issue on newsstands right now is going to be the final one; we have already vacated the office. As a
freelancer, you will be paid for any outstanding work I requested and you submitted, including that for the unpublished August issue. Thank you very much for all the hard work you’ve done for us. Hopefully we’ll be able to work together again in the future.

I admit I only have picked up an issue of PiQ. I actually prefer Otaku USA as my monthly magazine. I was a fan of NewType USA though. Via AnimeOnDVD.

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