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Izumi Konata watching YoutubeThe Kadokawa Group is following the trail lead by Gonzo in using the huge mass appeal of streaming sites like Youtube and Crunchyroll in order to spread anime to the masses. And it couldn’t come any sooner!
The Kadokawa Group owns rights to some of the most popular anime titles out right now including Lucky Star and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. They plan on putting up some of the episodes for their titles on Youtube, and showing Youtube ads and splitting the revenue starting in June!
You will be able to legally add and post these videos to your profile as long as you run the ads.

Kadokawa Group

This model will not only benefit the anime fans as a whole by making anime more affordable, but also allow the production and distribution companies capitalize on the new way of doing things online. Check out the Kadokawa Group yahoo profile. Variety via Japan Probe

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