What’s your blogs reading level?

blog readability test Have you ever considered what reading level you are writing for on your blog? Who is your blog’s audience? While those are very serious questions when you may want to consider, and I could write a very thought provoking post about the subject… this isn’t that post. Last night I found a pretty cool tool that gauges your blog’s writing level.

Just a bit of warning… Don’t get offended at the results! I suspect it’s just looking at complexity of words, sentence structure, and maybe spelling. While I write in a style that I know will relate to many different people of all levels, a more complex, thought-provoking blog should rank higher.

Just to test this out, I used a friend programming blog, Tombatron, and sure enough, it was ranked “Genius Level”. Rightfully so as he mostly talks about MYSQL and other programming related stuff. ranked at “Elementary School”. rightfully so ranked bit higher at “High School Level”.

To me, the rankings look pretty strict. What did your blog rank at?

What do you think?

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