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I’m sitting here after an all-nighter working on It really has becoming an addiction, and I still don’t feel as though I’m finished messing with it. Its going to be an ongoing project of love, sweat, restless nights, and pineapple pocky. I have really high hopes for since there isn’t really a news aggregation service dedicated to the Otaku culture. Well the reason I was up till this unfamiliar hour was I just finished working on a few tools to help users blogs and grow together. You probably noticed that button on the top right there. What is that you may ask? Well its a WordPress plugin that automatically shows the amount of votes for this article on Cool right? And whats even cooler, is that the only code you have to add to your post is: “<!–otaku–>”. Its easy to remember, and as simple as that. If you don’t own a blog, and want to add the voting button to any page, we have a Java script that will suit your needs. Feel free to head over to OtakuStuff Webmaster Tools to help send traffic to your blog!

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