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    Death Note, The Simpson’s style

    What do you get when you combine the Death Note characters, and Matt Groening’s Simpson’s style of characters? This really cool poster done by SpaceCoyote. She brings up a really good point though, doesn’t Light look a bit like Beck in this drawing? Check out more of Spacecoyote’s work at her Deviant Art page. More

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    Anime inspired bento boxes

    If you love great Bento art, the livejournal community, Bento Challenge, is a great site to spend hours looking at all of their member’s great creations. Every now and then, they hold challenges where they pick theme and everyone designs a corresponding bento box. The theme for mid June was anime bento boxes, and here […] More

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    Ningin’s 8 Days of Anime!

    The great crew over at Ningin are official partners with the New York Anime Festival for 2008. That’s pretty amazing seeing as the NYC Anime festival is one of the biggest anime conventions on the east coast! Ningin has set up a micro-site dedicated to the NY Anime Festival and all of the great performers […] More

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    How to make your own fansubs

    Have you ever wanted to be a fansubber and create your own subtitles for anime or jdrama? Usually it is a very labor intensive process with timing, or tough actually finding an inexpensive video editing program with the feature. Well the people at DivXLand have created a new, free program called DivXLand Media Subtitler that […] More

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    Tite Kubo, the man behind Bleach

    Noriaki Kubo, better known as Tite Kubo, was surprised his creation, Bleach, has taken the world by storm. His first trip to America was this summer at San Diego’s Comic Con. Through an interpreter, he addressed his legions of fans, and we also got to see how humble he really is. Tite Kubo decided he […] More

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    Death Note II: The Last Name in October!

    Well it’s official. The new Death Note II: The Last Name film will air in almost 400 theaters across America on October 15 and 16 at 7:30pm! Fathom events is handling it again of course. Advance tickets can be ordered on August 29th for members of Viz Media’s Shonen Jump magazine. The general public will […] More

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    Make your own manga avatar

    I have been seeing these for the past few days on Twitter, and now I know why. Everyone has FaceYourManga fever! FaceYourManga allows you to create a very customizable “manga-esk” avatar for you to use on all your online profiles. There are quite a few options colors and positions to choose from. I can definitely […] More

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    Naruto: The Broken Bond Trailer

    I must admit, the Naruto: Broken Bond trailer does look very impressive. The days of feeling like you are actually taking part and shaping the story in an anime are not far off. By the time they make it to the Shippuden series, I can only imagine what the technology will be like. Check out […] More

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    Pokemon movies make 50 billion yen

    Pokemon means big money in Japan. That may seem like an obvious statement. With the 11th Pokemon film still showing in Japanese theaters, the movie franchise has reached 50 billion yen (460 million dollars). The first Pokemon was released in 1998 and brought in 7.2 billion yen. Since then, one movie has been released each […] More

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    Kadokawa approves fan made videos

    Business Week has a pretty interesting article about Kadokawa Holdings (released The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star in the U.S). While I wrote about Kadokawa’s Youtube channel opening in April, I had no idea of their true intentions. Kadokawa had pretty good sales numbers of their Haruhi DVD here in the U.S. What’s […] More

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    Code Geass: What is the Fukushahado?

    The origins of the Fukushahado begin with Indian scientist Rakshata Chawla. Her specialties include medical cybernetics, and she is the director of the Black Knight’s R&D team. Her past is shrouded in mystery as she usually doesn’t speak of it. But from what we do know, she was a student at Imperial Colchester Insitute where […] More

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    Does anime going mainstream scare you?

    This question popped into my head upon reading some of the comments on the Cowboy Bebop movie thread, and more recently I was reminded about it a comment on my Shoko Nakagawa post earlier in the week. Does anime going mainstream scare you? More

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