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    Yuko Ogura wins Gravure Idol Award

    Sankei Newspaper’s entertainment website ZakZak has awarded Yuko Ogura their first ever Gravure Idol Award on July 17th, 2008. Some may consider her a non tradition choice because usually popular gravure idols have a large chest. So its a pleasant change to see that you can have normal and realistic porportions and still be popular […] More

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    Top 10 Japanese Gravure Idols

    Who does think are the top 10 Japanese gravure idols? I think it’s pretty cool to see a U.S. magazine take the time out to make a list like this. If you look at who made the top 10, you can definitely see an American view of beauty. I think in Japan, we would […] More

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    Miyuki Asao suicide by hydrogen sulfide

    Seems that the hydrogen sulfide suicides have even hit the AV world. Miyuki Asao, AV (Adult Video) star has used the gas to commit suicide. Her friends were shocked and dismayed, but knew she wasn’t very happy with her life. Miyuki Asao grew up in a wealthy family, and attended the prestigious Gakushuin school with […] More

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    Who is Xiaxue?

    Not quite Japanese (Singaporean/Chinese actually), but her recent techy love made me want to post about her. The popular Singaporean Blogstar Xiaxue, aka Wendy Cheng, has made news recently slamming the IPhone in favor for a Chinese knockoff. You may have remembered Xiaxue from making Gizmodo’s Top 10 blogger babes of 2006. At first glance, […] More