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    I miss the old internet.

    My 3 year sabbatical from blogging has ended… To tell the truth, I’m not sure why I quit blogging. I really did enjoy it when I had the time. My blog was around before the current surge in social networks, web 2.0, even Facebook (hard to imagine I know). With my departure from the blogging […] More

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    great night

    ah. im coming down right now, but i had a great night finally. i dont think i blogged about 2 weeks ago when i had a bad night cause no one showed up. (i found out later that they had a good reason). but anyways, about 9-10 of us met up at went to seville. […] More

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    sorry drunk yes lol

    um, i apologize for the mistakes in this blog. im DRUNK. um yea . i just go tback from captain funs, and i can barely see stargith. everythings like wobbly. had a great nite! willis picked me up and we rode to his boy’s house where we met jason, avril and teressa. and like i […] More

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    friday five

    1. What does it say in the signature line of your emails? “i can resist everything but temptation.” its a quote by oscar wilde that ive always loved. in high school i used to collect quotes. 2. Did you have a senior quote in your high school yearbook? What was it? If you haven’t graduated […] More

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    ah, uploaded the pics from ruby tuesday to the gallery. added a few comments so check them out. yesterday was pretty um… interesting. on my way home from class, my car started SMOKING! im like WTF, and pull off into a church parking lot. so i get out and lift the hood to see that […] More

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    new digi

    well about a week ago i bought a new digital camera. the one i had was kinda dated and only 2.0 megapixels. so i bought a nikon coolpix 3100 from work, and i LOVE it. i have taken some photos of ruby tuesdays and i will get those in my gallery later tonight. a main […] More

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    im up now, and not even the slightest hangover, w00t. off to work now… More

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    Cirrus LIVE

    OMG, its like 6:30 and im just getting home. i had an AWESOME night. i had to close so i left work at about 8. then a girl got married over the weekend at work. so we all went to ruby tuesday’s and hung out. i had a little fries and shrimp. and a mai-tai. […] More

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    almost here

    hey everyone. i havn’t forgotten about my site again. dont take me off your dailies :P actually. my new layout is about 80% finished, and i will be putting it up shortly. besides that, school has started back up and thats going to keep me busy. stay tuned! More

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    happy new years everyone. make some new years resolutions. they may change your life… More

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    capt funs

    yesterday was pretty good. i think i need a new way to cheer myself up tho. i spent about $300 shopping yesterday. i went to a mall here in pensacola, and was looking around, and didn’t see anything that i wanted to buy. so then i went to barnes and nobels and spent like $100 […] More

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    bowling & drinking

    ahh had a bit to drink tonight. and im half sober, umm, maybe a little less than half. i only had 2 jeiger bombs (cant be bothered spell checking that). they were extra strong too. tom was in town so we went bowling. i bowled one game, and really wasn’t into it. i suck at […] More

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