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    Dragonball drawn by popular manga artists

    This is the coolest idea I have seen regarding Dragonball in awhile. Dragonball Perfect Edition was just released in Japan, and to help celebrate, popular manga artists drew Dragonball scenes in their style. If you are lucky to have a the DVD box set, you will find a very special surprise in the form of […] More

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    Make your own manga avatar

    I have been seeing these for the past few days on Twitter, and now I know why. Everyone has FaceYourManga fever! FaceYourManga allows you to create a very customizable “manga-esk” avatar for you to use on all your online profiles. There are quite a few options colors and positions to choose from. I can definitely […] More

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    Manga coming to Nintendo Wii

    Four of the biggest manga publishers in Japan have announced a partnership to offer their manga titles via the Nintendo Wii Ware channel.  Sadly, this seems like it’s only happening in Japan. Kadokawa, Kodansha, Shueisha and Shogakukan formed a partnership with a local software devoloper to develop a platform for the manga. Initially, they hope […] More

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    Tokyopop Manga Pilots Backlash

    Tokyopop is taking some heat right now due to their new strategic effort called Manga Pilots. Tokyopop has a reputation for giving exposure to new manga artists. They created Manga Pilots to help streamline this process. According to Tokyopop, … promising manga creators are selected and hired by our editorial team to create a 24-to-36-page […] More

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    U.S. Navy makes CVN-73 manga

    Who said the U.S. Navy wasn’t culturally sensitive? ANN has reported that the U.S. Navy has not only completed the story for their planned manga title, but has already printed around 30,000 copies. The manga is called CVN-73, and was created to promote the arrival of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington to the Navy […] More

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    The Best Manga at OneManga

    If you are a manga fan, you are sure to have heard of OneManga. If not, this post will help you get familiar with just a few of the great English manga featured on OneManga. One of the biggest problems we have here in America regarding Japanese pop culture is that in order to take […] More