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    2 MLB Teams Sign Japanese Pitchers

    Two Major League Baseball teams announced today that they have signed Japanese players. What’s interesting is that these two teams have never signed a Japanese player ever. In total there are 14 Japanese players in the MLB. The Boston Red Sox lead the MLB with 3 Japanese players, the Seattle Mariners have 2. The Baltimore […] More

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    Japanese scientists can see your dreams

    We are one step closer to being able to see what people are dreaming about. A team of Japanese scientists have created a device that can reconstruct images and thoughts from people currently dreaming. The device is in its basic stage, but it can output what it finds on a computer screen. While the images […] More

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    Barak Obama, Taro Aso, and the Internet

    As I stopped at the last redlight before pulling into my driveway tonight, it hit me. Barak Obama and Taro Aso, prime minister of Japan, share one similarity; thier legions of fans on the internet. I believe I can safely say they are 2 of the talked about heads of state on the internet. I […] More

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    Translate Japanese feeds in Google Reader

    My favorite RSS reader by far is Google Reader. Without it, I could easily spend most of my day reading blogs without getting anything done. They just recently added a very cool new feature that integrates thier translation service into the google reader application. While the translation service is hardly even close to perfect, it’s […] More

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    New job, so tired!

    I havn’t missed a day posting this year so far, and I don’t plan to, but my posts may get latter on in the day due to me having to find a new posting rhythm. One thing that I loved about freelancing is that I could make my own schedule, and rarely woke up before […] More

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    14 year old girl to compete in Sumo World Championships

    We all know how big sumo is in Japan. You may not realize that it is actually big in other countries as well. Meet Samantha-Jane Stacy. She’s not your ordinary school girl. Her 8th grade Australian classmates have affectionately named her “Sammy Sumo”. At age 14, she hopes to be the youngest ever to compete […] More

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    Man skinny dips in Imperial Palace moat

    As an American, this is one of those stories where I have to say, “I’m glad he wasn’t American”. Fuji TV reports of a Spanish man who came to Japan on in a tour group. Apparently he dove into the moat naked in order to retrieve a bag dropped by his friends. I’m not sure […] More

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    Japanese researchers prove amoeba are smart

    I didn’t know that there was such a thing as the Ig Nobel Prize. Apparently it’s a parody of the Nobel Prizes, and it has been going on since 1991. This year a group of Japanese researchers won the cognitive science prize for their research on amoeboid organisms. Toshiyuki Nakagaki, Ryo Kobayashi, and Atsushi Tero […] More

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    Japanese inventor creates needle-free injection

    Were you one of the kids who were scared of needles? Are you still scared of them? Well inventor Yoshoi Oyama has developed a needle free injection which he has lovingly dubbed, “Mother’s Kiss”. The container uses air pressure in order to deliver the medicine. In poorer countries, where needles are sometimes reused and spread […] More

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    The Hip-Hop Grannies Dance Troupe

    Not quite Japanese, but I was surprised this story slipped by me during the Beijing Olympics. When you think of hip-hop dance, I’m sure you usually think of a much younger generation not only enjoying it, but taking part in it. That isn’t the case for China’s 70 year old Wu Ying. She is the […] More

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    Want to host a Japanese game show on MTV?

    Seems that MTV is indeed looking for a host for a pilot they are planning. I first saw this on Ningin, which linked Slant eye for the round eye, which linked to Nikkei View. Nikkei View apparently was sent an email from Suzette Brown, a casting producer for MTV’s Series development and animation. I was […] More

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