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    Chinese teen fad: Live fish necklaces

    Since everyone’s fixated on China these days, for obvious reasons, I thought I would take a look at a new trend among Chinese youths and entrepreneurs. It seems like the Chinese population can’t get enough of wearing fish as fashion. In Chengdu city, teens are snatching up plastic pendants that houses small fish inside. These […] More

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    Best Buy’s gadget vending machine

    Seems Best Buy took a cue from Japan’s vending machine addiction. In the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, someone spotted this new Best Buy Express vending machine. They are located at Terminal B’s Gate 29 and Terminal E’s Gate 32. What’s inside? Since this is Best Buy’s vending machine, it obviously has electronics. You can purchase IPods […] More

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    Beijing Olympics 2008 in Legos

    I think it’s going to be tough to top this lego creation for the time being. To celebrate the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this lego replica of the Olympic grounds is on display in the Grand Century Place in Hong Kong until August 31st.The attention to detail is amazing. I would love to see this in […] More

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    MeGlobe: Chat in Japanese

    If you had to choose one thing that keeps us from truly connecting on a global level, what would it be? To me, it has to be language. While language is one of the most fundamental things that unifies a group of people, it also hinders a lot of communication between groups of people. Enter […] More

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    Japan swimmers promise 5 medals

    Japan has promised to bring home 5 medals during the swimming competitions during the Beijing Olympic Games. Japan’s coach, Koji Ueno has told reporters, We have prepared very well and the swimmers are in scintillating form. Breaststroke champion Kosuke Kitajima showed he was in true form at the training camp in Jeju, and broke the […] More

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    July 2008 stats

    Is it me, or is 2008 flying by! Only 4 more months till 2009. That’s a bit scary as I’m haven’t even begun to think of Christmas. That’s for another post. July was the best month for so far! Saying that is beginning to be a habit thanks to all of you! Now for […] More

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    AKIBA Today site launches

    As an American covering Japan, I depend on blogs and other websites that offer glimpses into daily Japan. I believe many people would be surprised to see how many blogs I have in Google reader in my quest to catch things off the radar that other Japan focused blogs miss. In a press release today, […] More

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    Japan objects to Olympic baseball rules

    The new baseball rules for the 2008 Beijing Olympics has team Japan manager Senichi Hoshino very upset. The new rules state that during the 11th inning, each team will begin with a runner on first and second base. This was done to prevent long drawn out games. The Olympic Committee issued this announcement on their […] More

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    Manga coming to Nintendo Wii

    Four of the biggest manga publishers in Japan have announced a partnership to offer their manga titles via the Nintendo Wii Ware channel.  Sadly, this seems like it’s only happening in Japan. Kadokawa, Kodansha, Shueisha and Shogakukan formed a partnership with a local software devoloper to develop a platform for the manga. Initially, they hope […] More

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    New protein named after Pikachu

    You just have to already know this is coming from Japan. A group of researchers at the Osaka Bioscience Institute has discovered a protein that is vital to transmitting information to the brain Yomiuri writes, The researchers believe that the protein plays a role in determining the efficiency of kinetic vision. They therefore named the […] More

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    Chinese restaurant’s BIG mistake

    By now you must be familiar with Engrish… the act of Japanese people and companies trying to use English when they don’t have a full understanding of the words. Using English words in everyday life, especially on signs is a popular practice all over Japan and Asia. Unfortunatly, this Chinese restaurant learned the hard way […] More

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    Livedoor doesn’t pay its taxes

    Livedoor, an Internet giant in terms of blogging in Japan, is in some financial trouble. Livedoor Holdings owes about 1.26 billion yen in back taxes for not declaring about 2.36 billion yen in taxable income. And what makes it even worse, taxation authorities are going after the company because they feel they deliberately didn’t pay. […] More

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