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    Tokyo Disney 2008

    Feels good to be home. Just stepped in from my trip to Pensacola, FL to see family and friends. 2008 is just hours away. 2007 has been such a blur, I can not believe it is already over. However with 2008 nearly here, I have a lot of projects underway for as well as […] More

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    Merry Christmas

    Im off on my holiday trip back to Pensacola, and when I get back, I hope to have a suprise in store for and a new site I should be finished with soon. Till then, Merry Christmas from me, the kids of Nagasaki, and Andre Rieu. More

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    Chemical Brothers: The Salmon Dance

    The Chemical Brothers always puts out quality stuff. They are known for setting trends in the musical industry with artists from hip-hop to rock taking inspiration from them. Their latest video is about sammy the salmon, and is quite the educational video. Did you know fish pay attention to the moon… and that salmons can […] More

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    How to eat Sushi

    With the rules of eating sushi at a traditional Japanese restaurant so vast and complex, you may be intimidated to enter one of these fine establishments. That would be a shame, and I refuse to let that happen. If you need a bit of education on sushi, feel free to watch the video below. After […] More

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    Ninja Warrior: Shingo Yamamoto

    I don’t know how many of you watch Ninja Warrior on G4 (Sasuke to those of you in the land of vending machines). But its one of my favorite shows on G4. I honestly say that Ive seen almost every episode that G4 has aired. And by far my favorite competitor is Shingo Yamamoto. He […] More

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    Big Bird is EVIL

    Want to know a secret about my childhood? I was so afraid of Big Bird from Sesame Street when i was younger. I remember a childhood friend saying he was too big to eat bird seed, so he ate kids instead. I seriously was so scared of that 8 foot bird. Luckily I didn’t have […] More

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    Kawaii Animals

    My favorite pet has always been cats. They are independent, but needy at the same time. If you ever wondered why cats purr, you now have one less question in your life. I was searching MyBlogLog which seems to be a new habit of mine when I’m bored. I came across the Cute Animal Blog […] More

  • Hip Hop Soda Shop
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    Hip Hop Soda Shop

    Just read an interesting article about a new restaurant opening here in Tampa, Florida. Seems former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Warren Sapp, is opening a restaurant called Hip Hop Soda Shop. It features hip-hop music and culture, energy drinks and video gaming. It’s going to be backed by big names in hip-hop including Russell Simmons. Check […] More

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    Why Asian guys cant get a white girl.

    A friend of mine posted this on myspace the other day and earlier today I was on MIXI when I saw a bullentin post about, “Why Japanese men are not popular to Gaijin girls?” While I dont know the answer to that question, the guy in this video tries to find out. The guy with […] More