Candy Doll visits Akihabara

Candy Doll visits Akihabara


Candy Doll visits AkihabaraIf you want a recipe for attracting a lot of attention while visiting Akihabara, just stand out. That’s what these 2 blond girls did, and attracted masses of people following them with digital and video cameras. Akiba-blog said they are from a blond girls magazine called Candy Doll, not to be confused with the sex toy Candy Girl. Only in Japan can you have a magazine just of blond girls. Candy Girl’s website is a members only website with pictures of European girls, and the slogan,

Please enjoy the time with pure angels.

Candy Doll visits Akihabara They first showed up on Akihabara on the 29th of March. And after all of the attention the received, they showed up again on the 30th to a mass of people and cameras. Is it me, or do these girls look like they are 16 years old. For that reason alone, I didn’t even spend time trying to find the website to link to. Even as they were about to leave and got into their SUV, they were swamped with photographers. Pictures from Akiba-blog.

Candy Doll visits Akihabara Candy Doll visits AkihabaraCandy Doll visits AkihabaraCandy Doll visits Akihabara

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