Yamashita Sougou Byouin

Yamashita Sougou ByouinWith the recent crackdown in Akihabara, one band has decided to take advantage of all the press that is fixated in Akihabara. Yamashita Sougou Byouin, Yamashita Hospital, went down to Akihabara to perform on vehicle free street. They made sure to separate themselves from Sawamoto by holding signs that said they don’t perform strip shows.

Yamashita Sougou Byouin were dressed in traditional Doctor and Nurse outfits, and one male member even crossed the gender definition and wore a female nurse outfit. However, like every group of people that attract attention to themselves in Akihabara, the police stopped them from giving a performance. They were able to get a bit of exposure from interviews with TBS, Fuji TV, and a few other stations. For more pictures, check out the original article at Akibablog.

Yamashita Sougou Byouin

Yamashita Sougou Byouin

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