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InstapaperWhile there seems to be no shortage of social bookmarking sites scattered across the internet today (mine included), while browsing the BuzzFeed new stories, a new site called Instapaper caught my eye. Its simplicity is the first thing that stuck me as odd considering today’s gradient filled, eye pleasing designs. It reminded me of how simple McDonald’s website used to be, sigh, the 90s. The front page tells you everything you need to know about the site in 3 sentences. The creator, Mark Armet scores 2 points for usability, because Instapaper cant get any simpliar than it currently is.

So I decided to give it a shot, and clicked “Register”… or what I thought was register. Again, something else that caught me offguard was the fact that when it asked for your password, below the box is states, ” If you didn’t set a password, you don’t have one.” Who doesn’t set passwords now-a-days? After filling in my email address and clicking on the register button it hit me… I didn’t put in a password! It was then that I realized the simplicity of this site really is its strongest point. With passwords having to be complex to prevent unwanted intrusion, it’s sometimes can be a pain to remember them. So Instapaper gives you the option to allow you to set a password or not. If you want to set one, after logging in, click the “Password” link next to your user name. However, be careful because if you dont set a password, and you have a popular username, someone can log into it, set a password, and its their account now.

So onto the bookmarking. Again, it couldn’t be simpler. Just click the “Read Later” you dragged to your bookmarks, and you get a little window saying it was saved. After that I went back to the Instapaper site and noticed a customized version now that shows you what’s unread. I am really impressed with Instapaper. If you are looking for a simple bookmarkingsite, but don’t want to go through the hassles of some of the bigger ones, I know you will be happy with Instapaper.

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