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A-kon 19 breaks Guinness World Record

A-Kon 19 Breaks Guinness RecordThanks to Crisu for first bringing this to my attention. Seems the short lived videogame cosplay Guinness world record has been broken by cosplayers at A-Kon 19 in Dallas Texas. The new event, which by the way is the largest continually running anime convention in North America, shattered the old record. 697 cosplayers were on hand to set a real world record that should stand for awhile to come. These pictures, and more from A-kon 19 can be found at Ashley J’s Flicker album.

A-Kon 19 Guinness Record: LinkA-Kon 19 Guinness Record: A-Kon 19 Guinness Record: SnakeA-Kon 19 Guinness Record: Mario & WarioA-Kon 19 Guinness Record: Team Fortress

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