APB, the next GTA 4 Online?

APB, the next GTA Online?

As of right now, this is still a rumor, but word on the street is that developer Realtime Worlds has recently bought the distrubution rights to the upcoming MMO All Points Bulletin (APB) with hopes to sell it to Rockstar as GTA Online. Who knows how this one will pan out, but it will be interesting to watch.

If you’re a old-school GTA fan, you may remember the GTA Online mod that brought car chases with friends to the PC version. I wonder what ever happened to that. At the time I tried it, the lag made it unbearable. APB seems like it may actually get me back into MMOs. Via Joystiq. Images via IGN.

APB, the next GTA Online?APB, the next GTA Online?APB, the next GTA Online?

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