Destroying the PSP and DS Lite

Broken Reviews: PSPEver wonder which popular portable handheld is the most durable? Thinking about buying a PSP or DS Lite, but want to know which one is going to last you the longest? Broken Review has answered that question for you. If you have read broken review before, you may know that when they say broken, they mean completely destroyed beyond recognition.

Not only did he test the systems with drops and scratches, but how about dropping it from a second story window. Just when you thought that was extreme enough, they also drop it at 50mph, ran it over, and threw them at a brick wall for good measure.

So get your sadistic portable handheld fantasies on @ Broken Review.

PSP Broken Review

Broken Reviews: PSP

Broken Reviews: PSP

Nintendo DS Lite Review

Broken Reviews: DS Lite

Broken Reviews: DS Lite


Battle of the handhelds. Who's your favorite?

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