GTA Chinatown Wars [E3]

GTA: Chinatown WarsNintendo revealed some awesome news for the Nintendo DS fans. Coming this winter, we shall see Grand Theft Auto on the Nintendo DS in the form of Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars. Not only is this the first Grand Theft Auto game set on the Nintendo DS, but it’s also the first GTA game to be set in an Asian theme.

Not much is known about this release other than the fact that, like Grand Theft Auto games, it will have some sort of free-range gameplay. With the fact that the DS has built in WiFi, we may be even seeing a multi-player component to GTA Chinatown Wars. Look for it this winter!

Updated with corrections now that more websites have been reporting on the new game.

Via Multiplayers.

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  1. WOWers!
    GTA on DS and in China Town? I gotta say, I’m going to buy that! Now we can finally see if a non-Nintendo game can be really successful on a Nintendo system… that means, as successful as anything with “Mario” written on it.

  2. If gta chinatown has good graphics and is like gta vice city and you could be in the beach and has a chainsaw and kill anyone with it i would love to buy it and thats what i will do and in additonal information make more games like this plus i have been wishing that there has been a game like unreal tournament for nintendo ds so yeah.

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