Before Guitar Hero, there was GuitarFreaks

Before there was Guitar Hero and Rock Band, there was GuitarFreaks. Konami’s not new to simulation games. Some even consider Konami the founders of simulation games. Dance Dance Revolution, GuitarFreaks, DrumMania, and Dance Maniax are just a few under Konami’s belt.

GuitarFreaks v5

Even though the arcade scene here in America has been on the decline, it is still somewhat popular in Japan. Last week Konami revealed the latest GuitarFreaks machine. This is the fifth version since GuitarFreaks was created in 1999. Along with the new GuitarFreaks game, Konami also released the fifth version of DrumMania.

These system puts the current Guitar Hero and Rockband song totals to shame at around 500. Just thought I would educate you on how everything cool does indeed come from Japan. Via Kotaku.

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  1. FIFTH?! Try the 16th Mix for Guitar Freaks & 15th Mix for Drummania. The V was added so people wouldn’t be confused about the whole linking system (GF is 1 mix older, so 11th Mix linked up to Drummania 10th Mix, so after 11th/10th, they just called them V, then V2, V3, V4, & now V5).

  2. yeah there is a ton of versions of Guitar Freaks and Drummanias. people just assume that rockband is the best cause those are the ones that never went to arcades.

  3. well rock band and guitar hero made it big cos’ everyone with a console could play it.

    But i much prefer Guitarfreaks, japanese songs are nicer to listen to, at least that’s my preferences and is much cheaper to play guitarfreak without the need to commit to buy any console to play it. Just a tap of a card @ the machine.

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