Hello Kitty against Japanese tradition?

Hello Kitty - Big City Dreams

Seems Hello Kitty is finally growing up. No longer is she the stylish kitty stuck in Sanrio Town (is Sanrio Town rural Japan?) In her new Nintendo DS Game, Hello Kitty along with her friends My Melody, Keroppi, and Badtz Maru are moving to the Big City.

The game starts out where Hello Kitty is living on bottom floor of a huge apartment building. Through a slew of mini games, she hopes to be able to someday live on the penthouse floor. It’s your job to make sure Hello Kitty makes it there someday.

Is this game an innocent title in Nintendo’s lineup, or does it overshadow a growing trend in Japan?

What I am referring to is that many older Japan citizens are concerned with the youth of the nation wanting the new, exciting, fast paced city life that they see in big metropolitan cities and overseas. Older people feel like the youth are neglecting tradition, and are a main factor in the loss of traditional Japanese culture. Looking at the game’s cover art, they are pushing this idea to children ages 3 and up. Is Hello Kitty contributing to this idea?

Look for Hello Kitty – Big City Dreams to be released on August 26, 2008. Pre-order at

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