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Jogging in Tokyo with Wiimote

Jogging on the Wii in Tokyo

The Modding otaku, Ryo Katsuma has done it again. He first made news around the blogs for his Wii Balance Board mashup. Well, he has now taken the same principle and applied it to the Wiimotes. Using the Wiimote Katsuma’s mod allows you to move down Google Map Streets.

Jogging on the Wii in Tokyo

How it works is you stick the Wiimote in your pocket, and then run in place. The motion from the Wiimote will move the view in Google Maps Street View. The interface is a bit slow, but that’s the case with these innovative mashups. Katsuma mod also keeps track of how far you have been running, so you could use this as a legetimate form of working out. Head over to Tokyo Jogging for the code to try it out yourself.

Via Digital World Tokyo

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