Nanaca Crash!

Nanaca Crash Game

Looking for a fun way to waste time that involves a cute anime girl named Nanaca running into Taichi with her bike causing him to go flying in the air all while being rated for distance? Yea, I know you are. So that’s why I choose to share Nanaca Crash!

The game is very simple, but very entertaining. The idea has been copied in many flash games before, but never with someone as cute as Nanaca. After finding the right angle to launch Taichi, he rockets forward into the air, and its your goal to get him to go as far as you can. On the way, he will encounter other characters that will either slow him down, or give him a boost.

Click here to try it out for yourself. I must resist the urge to play and get back to work.

Via Japan Sugoi.

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Written by xorsyst

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