NES inside classic controller


Mini NES inside controller

When will the NES mods stop? Never I hope, as they are beyond cool. I wish I had the time, patience, and the Magiver-like genious to know how to do it.

Not to be outdone by making a portable NES system out of a game cartridge, G-Force, a moderator at, and the same mod forum the previous portable NES is from, has somehow managed to stuff a Super Joy III (a.k.a Famiclone) into a classic NES controller.

Mini NES inside controllerMini NES inside controller

The controller has 70+ games built in thanks to the Famiclone, but to add a bit of complexity to his creation, he has also modded the controller to play any NES game cartridge.

Check out more pictures at Via Oh Gizmo!

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