Play Guitar Hero 3 Online 2018

Play Guitar Hero 3 Online 2018


October 20, 2018 update: I have found a new Guitar Hero Online game that is not only still online, but quite fun! Check out Super Crazy Guitar Maniac! Don’t let the look fool you, I just tried it out and its WAY harder than it looks! It’s looks simple, but as you try the first song, it shows the complexity. Quick hint, you use the arrow keys as well as the number keys! Enjoy the best Guitar Hero Online game on the net!

Ever wanted to satisfy your Guitar hero craving during the day at work? Well now you can with the Online version of Guitar Hero 3! Via G4TV

Play Guitar Hero 3 Online!

October 4th update: Hey everyone, it seems that the company who made the Guitar Hero 3 game has deleted it from their servers. They originally made it for Activision, but it seems that either their contract for hosting the game was only 6 months and has expired, or it is temporarily down. I have left the code in just in case it is a temporary problem, but I have found a very fun alternative called Guitar Master. Click “Play” above to try it out!

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