Retro NES characters in real life


Retro NES: Donkey Kong

I’m sure you know by now how much I love classic Nintendo stuff. I still to this day have a functional NES system with a lot of great games. I wish my Famicom still worked, but it has succumbed to old age. In the spirit of keeping the old new, RETROnoob has created great nostalgic art. Here are some really cool pictures he has made with classic game sprites mixed into real world photos. For more of RETROnoob’s photos, check out his Retro Reality gallery.

Retro NES: Mario Kart

Retro NES: OutrunRetro NES: Street Fighter

Retro NES: Super Mario Bros 3

Retro NES: Mario Bros 3Retro NES: Yoshi's Island

Via Technabob.

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