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Click to see the video proof of how this works!The rouge class in World of Warcraft has always been one of the most popular classes in the game to date. So a rouge guide for World of Warcraft was something that I have wanted to create for awhile now. If by some chance you haven’t played World of Warcraft, the rouge is a DPS (damage per second) machine. Its use of deadly techniques, stealthy movement, and speed make many /mount and run when they see an enemy rouge. I was convinced to roll a rouge after hitting 60 pre Burning Crusade and enjoy the stalking / preying on alliance. (yep Horde, ftw!) To me, even during the early levels, where most get frustrated with a particular class because it doesn’t shine till later, I enjoyed my rouge. I started to write a guide of my natural rouge habits, however like most things on the net, a bunch of rouge guides for World of Warcraft already existed. So rather than contributing to the over crowdedness of the Internet, I like to summarize the best guides out there and tell you what really deserves your attention. So here are the top 5 rouge guides for World of Warcraft in no particular order.

1. Ten Ton Hammer’s Class Guides – Rogue

Rouge Guides for World of WarcraftTen Ton Hammer is a huge site dedicated to World of Warcraft in all it’s glory. They have multiple guides for all the classes as well as leveling guides, profession guides, and an active community of players. A starting place with all of the information they offer would be their Tactics, User Interface, and Talent builds section. To be a good rogue, you need to know if you want to head down the Combat, Subtlety, or Assassination builds. Ten Ton Hammer’s Wiki goes into further details. On thing that I didn’t really like about their guide is that it can be a little hard to follow when you are looking for something specific. It’s not impossible, but I would of like to see sections broken up even further than they have. The pack a lot of information onto one page, and it can be quite overwhelming at times. Other than that, great resource for rouges in World of Warcraft.

2. Rouge Guide by Nevl

Rouge guides for World of WarcraftIf you play World of Warcraft, and havn’t used or heard of you are missing one of the best resources on the net for World of Warcraft information! There were times where I would have Allakhazam’s website running in the background just in case I needed to look up the location of a drop, information on a particular item’s worth at the Auction House, or how to complete that quest that is taking me forever! I consider their site second only behind Blizzard’s own World of Warcraft. While there are many guides in Allakhazam’s Guide List, I decided to link Nevl’s guide. The reason behind this was that while his guide is no where near a complete resource like Ten Ton Hammer’s guide, it does provide some useful information that is unique, and not found in other guides. He points out the Adrenaline Rush and Blade flurry combo when your spec’d combat that is a really useful set of moves. Definitely a read after you have read the other rouge guides.

3. Warcry’s World of Warcraft Rouge Guide

Rouge guides for World of WarcraftWhile not as detailed as many of the guides available, Warcry’s guide does provide an easy to read breakdown of the rouge class. The break it down into race choices, rouge abilities, guide to leveling, item goals, talents, professions, and endgame rouges. I do like that they have an little section on mods and addons that are useful for the rouge class. With any class, World of Warcraft’s extensive addons can make your life a whole lot easier in the long run. Warcraft points out Energy Watch as being crucial to keep track of you energy ticks or the exact time it takes you to regenerate energy. As a rouge, you will find that timing is a crucial skill for a player to have if they plan on mastering the rogue class. You need to know when and when not to go all DPS on something, and when its time to stealth out to avoid the infamous Spirit Healer marathon run back. So if you’re looking for just the basics to get started fast, definitely check out Warcry’s rouge guide.

4. BlizzardGuide: World of Warcraft Rouge Grind Guide

Rouge guides for World of Warcraft GrindingWhat kind of guide review list would this be if I didn’t include a grind guide for the rouges somewhere? For those of you that want to play the game “normal” this guide might not be of much use to you, however if you are like me and want to get to the “good” stuff as fast as possible, this guide will be like gold to you. I have used grind guides for most of my characters in World of Warcraft. But I have played a few characters till the 40-50s by just questing. My opinion on it is if you want to have the best gear for your level, and the most gold, questing is definitely the way to go. However, if you want to get to the endgame the fastest, the boring monotony that is grinding is the way to go. BlizzardGuide‘s guide points out some really good points about having level 1 characters set up in specific points to maximize time actually spent grinding. He even goes as far as you don’t use the popular AV grind spots because you will just be taking up a spot on your team where if you’re horde, you need every last player to be on their A game. Definitely a good read for those of you who want to get to endgame, or just a break from your usual questing.

5. World of Warcraft Rouge Charts

Rouge charts for World of WarcraftShadowPanther’s guide is a little bit different from the usual guides you will see for rouges in World of Warcraft. What makes this site cool is that it’s filled with various charts like: armor charts, rouge weapon charts, enhancements, gems, rouge resistance gear, to level 70 starter charts among others. The shear amount of information here is amazing as it is overwhelming. If you are a true stats person, you may want to bookmark this site. I know a lot of people like the idea of twink characters. I have never understood… well I know why people make them, but I don’t get the point of making one. The gold people spend for characters at 29 just to be the best at such a low level is beyond me. I would rather save that money till the late game when it really matters. You can breeze through those early levels in days, and make that gear you just bought for 132g useless (unless you enchant) in no time. However if twinking characters are what you’re into, ShadowPanther has a few detailed guides for levels 19-70 of the best twink armor and weapons to own.

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  1. Thanks for this rogue resource.. I would like to add a guide to this list. It’s the Osiris rogue guide. Just do a search for “osiris rogue guide” in google and it will be the first result.

    It’s a guide that you can use from lvl 60 to 70 and I find it this guide to be excellent.


  2. I find osirus outdated and alwasy use wowhead, wowinsider and for information regarding rogues. As a feral druid most of these sites are relevant as well

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