Stuffed animal? No, stuffed NES

Nintendo NES Plush versionYou would think it’s still hard to find cool Nintendo stuff like the Huge NES coffee table controller anymore. Nope.

Blueblythe thought it was a cool idea to sew a plush Nintendo system. She then needed some games to go with it, Super Mario 3 and Duck hunt. But with Duck Hunt, you need a optic gun, so she sew that too.

But wait… you cant play Nintendo without a TV.

Not a problem,  Blueblythe sew a plush TV with detachable Mario brothers 3 and Duck Hunt screens. How awesome is this? A Nintendo system that you can literally sleep with. Something we’ve always needed. Via Geekoloie.

Nintendo NES Plush version

Nintendo NES Plush version

Nintendo NES Plush version

Nintendo NES Plush version

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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  1. Good Lord! Now THAT is hardcore!

    I mean, a felt console is one thing, and controllers make sense, but to go beyond by creating felt replicas of games, peripherals, and even a TV?! Truly we are in the presence of greatness.

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