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Top 10 Wii Games for 2008!

After writing my Super Smash Bros. post a few days ago, I started to think about all of the great games being released in 2008 for the Nintendo Wii. I bought my Wii for the innovative gameplay, which I’m sure most people did at the time. It wasn’t until the Christmas season of 2007 that we started to see some promising games like Metroid Prime 3, and Super Mario Galaxy. I believe that 2008 is going to be the best year for Wii console owners so far. So without further adieu, here’s my list of Top 10 Wii games for 2008.

10. Okami

Okami for WiiWhen this game was released for the Nintendo DS, I couldn’t wait for it to come out on the Wii. Not only does Okami offer visually stunning graphics, but the gameplay is also unique. Capcom is known for producing some of the best games of all times. Who hasn’t played any of the Street Fighter series? Exactly. The game uses Hokusai-style Japanese woodblock print visuals to give it a very empty, devoid of life feel. You play as a character named Ama Terasu, and you job is to bring the world back to life. What makes this game unique is that you use the Wii-mote as a “celestial brush” in order to seal ancient evils.

9. Wii Fit

Wii Fit for WiiAs I said earlier, I bought my Wii because of the unique gameplay and controls. Wii Fit is just one example of how the Nintendo Wii really is a revolutionary gaming console. While I may not rush out just to buy Wii Fit when it’s released, I feel as though it deserves to be on this list for one reason: It will make Nintendo a lot of money. Many people who own a Wii have never owned a console before. These type of games are geared towards those people.

8. Top Spin Tennis

Top Spin Tennis for the WiiMy favorite game in the Wii Sports package is definitely Tennis. Its fun, even though it takes a while to get used to swinging and timeing your hit. I think my rating right now is at Pro status (1290 or something like that). However, while fun, it lacks the real realism that no game like it has had on the Wii. So I am really hoping Top Spin Tennis delivers on that aspect of the game. It is going to be a bit harder to master for beginning gamers because unlike the Wii Sports Tennis, Top Spin Tennis uses both the Wii-mote and the Nunchuck. 2k Games, the publisher for Top Spin Tennis promises that how you swing the Wii-Mote will determine the style of shot ranging from a top spin to a slice. If this is the case, I cant wait for Top Spin Tennis!

7. Harvest Moon Heroes

Harvest Moon Heroes for the WiiI must admit that I never played any of the Harvest Moon series for the Gamecube or the DS. Even IGN said the demo they played at the Nintendo World event was “the most boring demonstration at the show.” Well why is it on this list? Because of the hordes of fans behind this game. Out of the 46 user ratings at IGN, this game received a 9.5. I used to work in an electronics dept of a retail store, and whenever Harvest Moon came out, all sorts of kids would drag their parents in to purchase the game. To me, it seems like Animal Crossing, but less unique. Who knows. What I do know is that this game will sell big in 2008.

6. Ninja Reflex

Ninja Reflex for the WiiOh the drunken stories I have about playing Wario Ware Smooth Moves and Mario Party 8. Those are the ultimate party games for the Wii as of right now. But who hasn’t ever secretly wanted to be a Ninja? (No Pirate comments please). With Ninja Reflex, we will be able to train and perfect our skills as Ninja. This game will be a must if you cosplay at cons. I can see it now… Using Ninja Reflex to break a tie for best Konoha Ninja costume. Yep, a must have party game for the Wii.

5. Bully: Scholarship Edition

Bully for the WiiBully is the closest thing that we have to Grand Theft Auto on the Nintendo Wii. Funnily enough, it’s also made by Rockstar. You play as a troubled schoolboy at Bullworth Reform Academy. You must survive being picked on by bullys, being harrassed by teachers, punish annoyances, and play pranks in order to make it at this school. The gameplay is deep, and with the Wii version, you get more content than what was available in the Playstation 2 version (take that Sony fanboys). I think Bully Scholarship Edition will be a must for those that like deep involved games.

4. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the WiiI dont think I have to explain why this game is on the list. I think it may even rank near the top for overall most copies sold for 2008. We will see. However what I like about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is that its going to feature a duel that promises to be very responsive. I know you are thinking. You are going to look stupid swinging a Wii-mote around as if it was a lightsaber. But once you get past that, as well as your friends laughing at you, you’re going to be happy you bought this game. (Release date: August 2008)

3. Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii for the Nintendo WiiOne of the first Virtual console games I bought was the original Mario Kart. I forgot how FUN that game is. I think that ranks at the top of my favorite racing games of all times. The game is simple, addictive, and a classic. Mario Kart Wii is the sequel to the classic version. Nintendo even is bundling this game with a special controller that resembles a wheel. (Not too thrilled about the wheel as I perfer the classic controller for Mario Kart) This game will be as big as Super Mario Galaxy was in 2007, maybe even bigger. If you’re into racing games or party games, this one fills the role of both.

2. Rock Band

Rock Band for the Wii With a game that allows a small group of your friends to simulate playing in a full fledged rock band, how could this game not be huge? I have had friends that have skipped work, or took long lunches just to play the XBox 360 version. If it wasn’t for how expensive all of the instruments are, I think Rock Band has the potential to take the wind out of Guitar Hero. It’s published by one of the biggest music influences in the world, MTV. With the sheer number of Nintendo Wii’s in homes, this version for the Wii had to be ported. We’ll see how well it sells.

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the WiiWell if you are a reader of my blog before today, you may have read my post earlier about how over half a million copies of Super Smash Bros. sold in one day in Japan. This game is going to be the game you must pre-order to be the first one on the block that has it. It’s going to be HUGE. Search Youtube, and you will see 34,900 videos of gameplay and fandom. My Super Smash Bros post is one of the most popular posts I have had in the entire 7 years of owning this site. The hype speaks for itself, this game is a must for any real Nintendo fan.

What games are you most excited about? If they didn’t make it to my list, feel free to leave a comment telling everyone why you think it should have been!

What Wii game are you most excited about for 2008?

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What do you think?

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  1. To me, I would personally pick Mario Kart over Rock Band, but the sheer number of people wanting to see that for the Wii is why it’s #2. I think most people would be surprised how many people search for “Rockband for Wii” heh. I’m a bit jealous that you’re already playing the import!

  2. You forgot Spore.. unless it gets delayed again to 2009 it should be out in september I think the 7th.

    That game is awesome but all the game you put here are awesome – so it might of been harder for me to judge which I was more excited for.

  3. Ah, yes I did forget Spore. The last I heard was that it was coming out on “All Sysytems”, but Will Wright didn’t exactly say the Wii. Seems that in October, he made it official. I agree, Spore deserves to be on that list, another game I cant wait for. 2008’s going to be a good year for gaming… finally. The last 2-3 years havn’t seen a lot of GOOD new games.

  4. Yes, EA has said they were looking at all platforms, the ones declared so far are Mac, PC, DS, Celluar and Wii.

    But even if it goes 1080p PS3/Xbox360 – this is setting out to be a good looking year for the gaming world on a whole.

  5. DUDE, okami never was on the DS, it was on the PS2. And how about a little credit for Clover Studios, the ones who actually MADE the game, instead of capcom who decided to sack clover studios. And last: you don’t play as Ama Terasu, but as Amaterasu. How about actually playing the game before slapping it in a top ten. You seriously wouldn’t regret it.

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