No Wii? Try V-Sports


V-Sports PackageStill waiting for that Nintendo Wii? Or do you want to be a trendsetter, and be different. Well, if you have a spare 7980 yen ($80), you can buy yourself V-Sports! It’s the latest and greatest console to ship from China. There’s about 21 or so games out for the console right now

If you owned a V-Sports, you could be enjoying: tennis, fishing, a dancing game, golf, table tennis, darts, and baseball to name a few. Unlike the Wii, The V-Sports comes in 3 colors suitable for any gender: white, blue and pink. The craftsmanship can be seen from the pictures alone. No more will you need one of Nintendo’s custom Wii-mote gloves. The V-Sports custom, grip-fitting remote design stays in your hands during even the most grueling tennis matches.

Sadly… I’m not kidding about the V-Sports.

V-Sports PackageV-Sports PackageV-Sports PackageV-Sports PackageV-Sports Game Package

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