No Wii? Try V-Sports

V-Sports PackageStill waiting for that Nintendo Wii? Or do you want to be a trendsetter, and be different. Well, if you have a spare 7980 yen ($80), you can buy yourself V-Sports! It’s the latest and greatest console to ship from China. There’s about 21 or so games out for the console right now

If you owned a V-Sports, you could be enjoying: tennis, fishing, a dancing game, golf, table tennis, darts, and baseball to name a few. Unlike the Wii, The V-Sports comes in 3 colors suitable for any gender: white, blue and pink. The craftsmanship can be seen from the pictures alone. No more will you need one of Nintendo’s custom Wii-mote gloves. The V-Sports custom, grip-fitting remote design stays in your hands during even the most grueling tennis matches.

Sadly… I’m not kidding about the V-Sports.

V-Sports PackageV-Sports PackageV-Sports PackageV-Sports PackageV-Sports Game Package

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  1. Sarcasm should be subtle, heh.

    I really can’t even blame the Chinese companies that create these knock-offs. The underlying problem is the Chinese economy. For having such a large country, most of the residence are below the poverty line. So these companies create these cheap imitations to cater to the citizens. The root of that problem stems from the Chinese government.

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