Web Kare – Female Dating Sim & Social Network

Web Kare- Female Dating Sim and Social Network

The people over at LinkThink have launched a new social network aimed at females called Web Kare. What’s interesting  is that its more than just your standard social network. It’s actually a dating simulation game mixed with social network components. On September 10th, the website lauched and within 5 days, there were already 10,000 registered users.

Web Kare- Female Dating Sim and Social Network

The premise of the game is that you are part of a virtual school where the main characters are 4 fellow male students. While interacting with the boys throughout school, you can also talk to other players through blogs, profiles, and direct messaging. You can even keep an album of conversations you have had with the male students. There are 150 audio phrases recorded by live voice actors for each of the 4 male students to help you feel more connected with them.

As of now, the website is in Japanese. However, if you are looking to practice your Japanese out, it looks to be an interesting way to do it.

Via Asiajin.

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