Wii Music Trailer

Wii Music Trailer

No one can deny the success that Nintendo has had with their Wii console. Since the system was launched in late 2006, it has become the largest selling game console in the world. Nintendo hasn’t faltered in releasing popular in-house titles such as Wii Sports (bundled, but a crowd favorite),Super Mario Galaxy, and Wii Fit. However their latest creation has everyone a bit confused.

Wii Music is definitely for a different type of audience. The music seems MIDI-like and very simplistic. You wont be hearing AC/DC like you will be in Rock Band. However, if you are a Nintendo fan, you will be happy to know that famed Nintendo composer Koji Kondo is head of the Wii Music project. One thing you will be hearing in the 50 or so songs included is a lot of classic Nintendo scores that you will instantly be connected to.

While Wii Music does offer a lot of unique things like over 60 different instruments, control of up to 4 band members at once, and support for the Wii Fit balance board, it is no wear near the simulation offered by Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The Wii Music trailer leaves a bit to be desired. It’s like watching a trailer that only has an introduction, and the “meat” of it never comes. I’ll leave it for you to decide.

Wii Music Trailer

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  1. It doesn’t seem that much effort was put into this game.
    It’s also very simplistic. It seems that you wouldn’t need much skill to play it and that turns me off to the idea of buying it.

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