Yuko Ogura wins Gravure Idol Award

Yuko Ogura Gravure Idol

Sankei Newspaper’s entertainment website ZakZak has awarded Yuko Ogura their first ever Gravure Idol Award on July 17th, 2008. Some may consider her a non tradition choice because usually popular gravure idols have a large chest. So its a pleasant change to see that you can have normal and realistic porportions and still be popular in the saturated Japanese gravure scene.

Yuko Ogura Gravure IdolYuko Ogura Gravure Idol

Yuko Ogura is a 24 year old actress, singer, and of course idol from Mobara, Chiba prefecture. She commonly goes by her nickname Yukorin. She is best known for singing the ending theme, Onnanoko♥Otokonoko (Girls♥Boys).

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  1. Well, I love this gal, but also Nozomi Sasaki or Ms Kiguchi would have been a stellar choice as well. There are so many just stunningly beautiful GI’s in Japan…. and thank goodness!

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