300 Internet Death Threats

Tomohiro KatoSince the tragic stabbings in Akihabara by Tomohiro Kato, there have been around 300 death threats that have appeared on message boards Tokyo police report.

While police admit many of the postings appear to not be serious, they have arrested 20 people on charges of public nuisance, and extortion. One of the men arrested was found to have posted one day after Tomohiro Kato,

I’m going to Ikebukuro now and will kill 100 people.

Just like the Hydrogen sulfide suicides, a tragic event spawns a wave of copycat attempts. I’m not saying this is a Japanese thing, because no matter where you are this happens. It’s hard to know if people are just looking for attention for the sake of capturing it… or are they really using the attention they are getting to shed light on the problems they cannot seem to solve on their own.

Via AFP.

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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