3D TVs for Japan Only

Hyundai 3D TV (Associated Press)

Well Japan gets another thing cool that we wont be seeing in the U.S. anytime soon. Hyundai has unveiled that they are offering a 3D TV for Japanese markets.

Hyundai says that cable stations already broadcast the 3-D programs about 4 times a day. However those programs are just a few minutes of video, including shots from the zoo, or motorcycle races.

The TV is expensive. Did you think it wouldn’t be? It’s a 46 inch liquid crystal display that costs around $3,960 dollars. However they give you 2 pairs of 3D glasses for free! Hyundai says they already sell 3D rear projection TV’s here in the states, but there are no 3D broadcasts yet. That’s news to me.

I’ll file this one in “Very cool, but I’ll probably forget about it.” Via AP (yea, I don’t quote AP anymore because I don’t want to have to pay to use an excerpt!)

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Written by xorsyst

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