83% of Japanese hate Pepsi Blue Hawaii

Pepsi Blue Hawaii

Seems like Billy West was right when he said he didn’t like the new Pepsi Blue Hawaii flavor. A marketing agency in Japan has reported that 83% of Japanese hate the new Pepsi Blue Hawaii flavor. I don’t think Pepsi was adventerous enough with their new flavor. Japan seems to like odd combinations that would make westerners say “WTF?” I can see U.S. tourists drinking something like this on their vacation to The Bahamas. Via Akihabara News.

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Written by xorsyst

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  1. Pretty much all of the adventurous products Pepsi has marketed here in Japan have failed. Probably the most successful have been Pepsi Twist, which is basically just regular Pepsi with a slight lemon flavor, and Pepsi NEX, which is just a low-calorie Pepsi drink. It’s hard enough to get regular Pepsi as it is.

  2. i think it’d taste good but i have yet to try it :P
    i like lemons a lot so i probably would like it and i love the color blue and hate blue berrys though so maybe i would like it! it looks easy enough to make too maybe even more so i would probably add more lemon then them though since i like super sour things! :D

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