Adult Milk – Super Premium Milk

Adult Milk – Super Premium Milk


Adult Milk from Nakazawa Foods

With the recent milk issues in China, a Japanese dairy company, Nakazawa Foods, has launched their own super-premium milk called “Adult Milk”. This milk is marketed towards stressed out adults who need need to have a good night’s sleep.

The Adult milk is said to have 3-4 times as much melatonin as ordinary milk. If you’re not familiar with melatonin, it’s a sleep aid that you can buy at your local supermarket. The milk is taken from cows once a week at the break of dawn, and bottled within 6 hours. Nakazawa Foods say cows discharge a lot of the hormone during the night. I guess that’s thier reason for charging almost 30 times what i normal bottle of milk costs. Adult Milk will run you about 5,000 yen a bottle ($49 dollars).

Worth it?

Akihabara News via Geekologie.

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