Akihabara deemed lawless area

Akihabara deemed lawless area


Akihabara the Lawless ZoneYou may have heard of the recent crackdowns by Japanese police in Akihabara. Well it seems this past weekend the patrols were eased a bit, and normality returned to Akihabara… for a moment at least. Seems Yahoo News Japan reported Akihabara to be a lawless area and that attracted hordes of TV camera crews trying to get the scoop. Akiba-blog wrote that reporters were asking random people “aren’t you gonna take some sexy pictures!?” Many of the crews were trying to get public opinion on what they thought of the “lawless Akihabara”. But despite the sea of cameramen, the cosplayers and low angle picture takers were back out in force. I wonder if the police detail will pick back up next weekend. Source Akiba-blog

 Akihabara the Lawless ZoneAkihabara the Lawless ZoneAkihabara the Lawless ZoneAkihabara the Lawless Zone

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