Pepsi Japan: Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii Pepsi Flavor

You may remember last year’s Pepsi flavor, Ice Cucumber Pepsi, that took Japan by storm was forgotten after a few weeks (thanks). Today, Pepsi has released their new summer flavor called Blue Hawaii.

The taste? This time Pepsi went with fruits as opposed to a vegetable. It tastes like a mix between pineapple and lemon.

Maybe later on in the season, Peter from JList will put a few cases in his inventory so we can enjoy a taste of Blue Hawaii in America. Via Japan Probe.

UPDATED: Billy from 7:10 to Tokyo just went out and bought a few bottles of Pepsi’s Blue Hawaii. Check his review of Blue Hawaii to see what he thought of it.

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Written by xorsyst

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  1. That’s funny you just posted this; I just saw a huge display of it at my neighborhood 7-11. Didn’t buy one, though. Think I might walk back down there now, though.

    By the way, That Pepsi Cucumber crap lasted only a couple of weeks here in Tokyo.

  2. Yeah, I will give the Japan side credit for being daring. When it comes to Kit-Kat, there are some pretty nice offerings here, like sakura Kit-Kat and blueberry Kit-Kat, both delicious.

    Pepsi, however, keeps shooting blanks.


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