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Bow Cam from AppliyaEarlier today I was on Ameba Vision looking at sophie-chan. I really do want a dog. They seem like they are such fun companions. Owners are always taking videos and photos, but you have to wonder, do cats and dogs know to look at the camera when its time for the photo?

A creative startup in Tokyo, Appliya INC, has found a pretty creative yet simple way to solve the problem of bad pet photos. They have created 2 IPhone apps called Meow Cam and Bow Cam.

The Meow Cam and Bow Cam are applications that significantly increase the chance of capturing fantastic shots of cats that don’t want to look into the camera, or dogs that keep running around everywhere.

When you press the MEOW (or BOW) button, your iPhone will emit meowing and barking sounds that will make your pet look in your direction. That’s your perfect photo op! The application includes 10 different sounds such as various meows/bows, as well as other noises (plastic bags rustling, the sound of opening a tin can etc). Experiment with different sound effects by changing the sound setting from the settings screen.Â

Perfect example of how the simplist ideas are usually the best ideas. They hope to sell 30,000 downloads of each application, and for only .99, I don’t think they will have a problem at all. Click here to checkout Bow Cam and Meow Cam on iTunes! Don’t have a pet? Don’t worry. Appliya also makes an iPhone app for your baby.

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