Breast enlargement from a ringtone?

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Meet Hideto Tomabechi. He is a cognative scientist that studies the mind and artificial intellegence. In his spare time, he’s an avid music fan, and is a member of a rock band. How does one combine these seemingly opposite passions? By creating a mobile ringtone that tricks the mind into making a female’s bust size increase of course.

Dr. Tomabechi created a ringone called “Rock Melon” that he claims will increase the breast size due to subliminal messages. The ringtone is based upon a crying baby and when listened to for 20 times a day for about 10 times a day, a female’s bust will grow by at least 2cm. What does he want to use his research for? Making people fall in-love at first sight, improving memory, incouraging hair growth, and fighting terrorism.

Makes sense doesn’t it? I thought so too. Let’s let Dr Tomabechi explain in detail:


What do you think?

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  1. Typo.
    “listened to for 20 times a day for about 10 times a day” should be “listened to for 20 times a day for about 10 times a week” or month or something.

  2. I wonder if that is why all the mid-wives that I have met and know have large breast, listening to babies crying on shift??

    and by the way

    ”listening 20 times a day for ten days ” is correct, I dont understand why you thought this was an error Junku… ??

  3. yes !!! , it works and i have the site, i tried, it , i mean seriously what do u have to lose?, i got 4 instead of the recommended 2 that he thought women would get, heres the site that has the ringtone, i listened to it with headfones and just really try and relax and let go of everything like really concentrate on the music, i mean i dont think its that serious but i took this serious, cuz i really wanted to see if it would work and it did & now im happy cuz i dont have to waste 7000 to get a boob job cuz i just wanted to be a teeny bit bigger & i tried the stupid easy curve bar and excersizes, so yea like i said try it what do u have to lose? if anything hit me up my AIM screen name is >Kako koritsi187

  4. Just type in the 3 letters it tell you and then the player will be there , scroll down , ur gunna see a thing pop up once u type the 3 letters its gunna ask to download it, i tried downloading it but it gave my problems, u can just scroll down and right underneath it is the music player with the ringtone, so just scroll down and listen to it

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