Bullet Train vs Car

Nissan GTR R35 Silver

During my visit to the UK in 2003, I discovered so much I like about that country. I was instantly attracted to the music like UK Grime, and Bhangra due to the clever lyrics and strong, unique beats. Food-wise, I’m still trying to find a source of Walker’s Crisps here in the states 5 years after I returned. And the best thing about the UK is British TV. Among the great TV shows from the UK, Top Gear has to be one of my favorites.

You really don’t have to be interested in cars to find Top Gear interesting. The show answers questions normal people have about really expensive super cars. Like, can a Mitsubishi EVO really beat a Lamborghini Murcielago?

While I was working on a few projects today, Travis Parsons posted a link on FriendFeed showing an interesting clip from Top Gear. Now, Top Gear’s version of a race usually involves traveling across Africa in a classic, tiny, beater, car, or racing an actual plane. So when you take a grop of crazy car enthusiast, and travel to Japan, what do you race? Of course you race the fastest moving structure in Japan… the Bullet Train.

Visit youtube for parts 2 – 4.

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