UK Burger King serves Kobe Beef burger

UK Burger King selling Kobe Beef burgerEngland’s Burger King is using a premium Japanese import in a new burger that has been causing a lot of news. Burger King is now offering a $170 dollar burger made with Kobe beef. With McDonald’s serving premium coffee drinks, I think Burger King felt the need to step up their offering.

In certain stores across the UK, you will be able to order this tasty burger that is topped with foie gras and rare blue cheese for £85. It’s expected to hit Kensington and Chelsea first.

You may ask yourself why would Burger King offer this burger when no one will buy it. That’s easy. When comparing say, McDonald’s and Burger King, the fact that they sell such an expensive burger may make you reassess the quality of the establishment. At least that’s what Burger King hopes. Via Trendhunter

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