Calamete fork makes eatting spaghetti easy

Calamete Spaghetti Fork

It’s not often we see innovation in the spaghetti twirling industry. But how does one improve upon getting spaghetti to stay on a fork better? They turn to something almost everyone has two of… your hand. What’s better than the human hand at picking up things? Sanyo Precision has designed a fork which they call Calamete.

Calamete Spaghetti ForkCalamete Spaghetti Fork

This fork has an extra, shorter piece that looks similar to where a human thumb would be on a hand. This extra “appendage” allows you to hook the spaghetti before twirling. Also, the far side of the fork has indentations to better hold the first twirls in place. Don’t you just hate when you begin to twirl and the spaghetti falls? The Calamete fork will set you back about 880 yen ($8.30). For the serious pasta lovers, the Calamete may be for you.

Calamete Spaghetti Fork

Via Japan Marketing News.

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