Candy Girl Doll Addict

Candy Girl Doll Addict


Candy Girl DollsHere in America, we have Realdoll. The Japanese equivalent is called Candy Girl Dolls. If you have never heard of either one of them, you probably have a girlfriend. The craftsmanship by both of these dolls are so lifelike; it’s scary. Every feature of the Candy Girl Doll is anatomically correct… if you want it to be. There are many different styles, “shapes,” and every other thing that makes a human unique. However, if you live here in the states, getting your hand on a Candy Girl Doll will be a little bit tricky. You may be able to talk Rinkya into making that happen.

Candy Doll SinoMeet Ta-bo, not to be confused with Billy Blanks Taebo which is also hugely popular in Japan. He’s a 45-year-old engineer from Japan. When he arrives home, it’s not to a wife or girlfriend, but to a living room full of Candy Girl Dolls. He has spent over $170,000 on his collection. Ta-bo says,

A human girl can cheat on you or betray you sometimes, but these dolls never do those thing. They belong to me 100 percent

While I can’t blame him because some of those Candy Girl Dolls look quote real, I feel it’s hard to imitate a female’s touch. Maybe he just hasn’t found the right one yet. He’s not alone, seems there are even forums dedicated to those with a love doll addiction.

The Candy Girl Factory

Which one looks more like a real girl?

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