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Chocoball Mukai

Chocoball MukaiSo what can a man named Chocoball teach you about sex? A lot, considering that’s what he does for a living. Chocoball, or as he is better known Chocoball Mukai, is a Japanese porn star and professional wrestler. They say he gets his name from the Chocoball candy… I will leave it at that.

SPA! Magazine interviews ChocoballChocoball recently gave an interview to SPA! Magazine. He told the interviewer that he uses sex to stay in shape and compete in the ring.

We build up our bodies every time we have sex. Depending on the position you adopt, the part of the body you build up is going to be different. Take the missionary position. Instead of lying on top of the woman, support yourself by your arms and do push-ups instead.

Chocoball CandyChocoball’s most famous position is what he calls ekiben. Ekiben is a bento boxed lunches that are at railway stations in Japan. You would see sellers carrying them in large trays around their neck and bodies. It’s a bit similar to how Hot Dog vendors carry snacks at baseball games here in America. In the ekiben position, the man holds the women up facing him. She wraps her legs around him, thus completing the tray look. Chocoball recommends men hold her thighs and lift her body weight up and down.

So next time you are in the sheets, remember to build those muscles. To read more of Chocoball’s sex tips, read the rest of article.

Do you feel like you worked out after sex?

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