Could you make it big in Japan?

Big in Japan billboard

Talk about creative advertising. In order to promote a new Swedish reality show called Big in Japan, the marketing department came up with this ingenious idea. They hooked motion detectors up to a billboard, and when triggered will set off camera flashes and screams from adoring Japanese fans. Could you make it big in Japan?

Big in Japan billboard

For those that are wondering, the show is about 2 swedes who have 1 month to make it big in Japan. ABC has already expressed interest in bringing an American version to our shores. However, they plan on visiting more places than just Japan. I think the concept of the show is pretty interesting. If you had 1 month to make it in Japan, what would you do?

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  1. I had no idea what this was about before reading this. Thank you so much for clarifying it! Norway’s doing the same show, only their website didn’t say what kind of show it was supposed to be other than a reality show, so we were kind of confused about the plot… ^^;

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