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Densha Otoko: Train Man

Densha OtokoForced into taking action against a drunk terrorizing an entire train car, Yamada Tsuyoshi unwittingly ends up saving the beautiful Aoyama Saori. Yamada is an office worker who in his spare times loves everything otaku. After saving Aoyama, she sends him a set of Hermes tea cups as a thank you gift for saving her. Yamada has absolutely no experience with the opposite sex, so he surfs over to a bulletin board called the Aladdin BBS. There he finds advice on how to interact with Aoyama, as well as a bunch of new friends that sympathize with his emotions for Aoyama. They help him in his quest to have Aoyama by his side. What makes this love story even more of a must see drama is that it was based on a true story! I mentioned Densha Otoko in a previous entry, but I believe this series should get its own mention. The even made a movie out of this series. I have it in my Netflix queue, so I cant wait to see it. Here’s the entire series brought to you by

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